John Coffey


Turn it up to eleven. “More Power, More Power” This band from Utrecht, Netherlands, brings volts of it and lays it on heavy and hard. Now before anyone says anything, That is a Metal scream, not an EMO scream.  These fellas describe themselves as a rock ‘n roll, post-punk, and loud. Loud it is, and I like it.

This band should do well near their homeland, and should find a large audience in Europe.  I don’t see this band gaining a large audience in the States. I think it is the States loss, but our kids over here are suffering from Hip Hopitus. I reckon, I may have been drawn to the foul language in my own youth, but thanks to Tipper Gore, I was saved from such a lack of control from a whole group of artists. I recognize the ability to make top notch raps, and there are many raps full of great advice, but when some of these guys perform a song, then go and praise God for their success at Award Shows, I just shake my head. I know, we shouldn’t judge others (I just did,oops), but the older I get, I realize, really how important our youth is for the sake of the globe. We can do better.  We need our American kids to get hooked on great, clean Metal. More power would do their souls, a lot of good. Freedom has a price, so it is, as it is.

This band has been working on it’s recently released album “Bright Companions” since 2011. They used the website Sellaband to help fund this recent release. They also recorded”Vanity” in 2008 and released it in 2009.  In 2010 they replaced their lead vocalist with David Achter de Molen. They also replace their guitarist with Christoffer van Teijlingen.  The group is filled out with Alfred van Luttikhuizen on Guitar. Richard van Luttikhuizen is on Bass, and Carsten Brunsveld is on Drums.

The first song shared “Romans” is full of power and clean metal scream vocals.  What’s not to like? The second song shared “Featherless Redheads” reminds me a little bit of Skid Row. This is the song that sucked me in, as it sounded familiar, but it took a few days, for me, to tie it to Skid Row. The third song “Wreckage and Scars” is from their first release, without the two newer members. The riffs in this song, remind me a little of Def Leppard, but that is a good thing to me. As, I always say, it is up to each listener to detect influences and make their own choice as to how it effects their opinion of the tune.  I just wish my kids liked this band, and others like them.

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Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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