Triple Dose Tuesday. Dum Dum Girls, The Silent Comedy, ZZ Ward


Triple Dose post today. All three groups are recent finds for me except Dum Dum Girls. I have known about these ladies for a month or so, but made a mistake by only listening to one song. I heard one last night, and am impressed, and I regret not listening to at least three of their cuts, before casting any judgment.  The Silent Comedy has a song “Bartholomew” from 2011 that has over a million hits on YouTube, which knocks them out of underground status for the purpose of this blog.  ZZ Ward is also knocked out as well, but the last two made a great impression on me, so I have decided to share them with Dum Dum Girls on a single post.

The Dum Dum Girls still technically qualify for underground status here, but honestly they are in the midst of blowing up, and for good reason. Their live  shows are selling out, and the hits piling up on YouTube. They have been around since 2008, as the lead vocalist, Dee Dee Penny started the band then. According to their Wiki page, The name is a double homage to the Vaselines album Dum Dum and the Iggy Pop song “Dum Dum Boys.” There are four ladies in the group and they all are very capable musicians.  They list New York and California as their current locations.  Their music is very pretty, and lacks the power I so love, but they are good and good is good.

Dum Dum Girls official website

Dum Dum Girls Twitter page

Dum Dum Girls Facebook page


The Silent Comedy is from San Diego, California.  This is a folk rock band. The rock part means they got a little power in their game, which of course I approve of.  It is subtle though, and doesn’t really effect the mood of their music, which is powerfully mellow.  I recommend reading their bio on their Facebook page. Basically the father, a pastor, of the two brothers in the band, Jeremiah and Joshua Zimmerman, sold all of their possessions and took the boys across the world to play music and hone their craft.  Pretty awesome story behind these guys. The song “Bartholomew” is just an awesome tune.  The melodies remind me of an old prison chain gang singing the day away.  Power can come in so many different ways when it comes to music.

The Silent Comedy official website

The Silent Comedy Twitter page


ZZ Ward has heavenly pipes. I remember hearing her for the first time, and was ticked off that she had more than a million views on YouTube.  I spend so much time looking for unknowns, that I can lose track of the known. My wife is a big country fan, and she never heard of her, so I figured she was certainly worth sharing.  She really isn’t country though. She lists “Sauce” as the genre of her music. All, I know is she can sing with the best of them, and she is up there with Cindi Lauper when it come to being easy on the eyes.  Her father was a local blues artist in Pennsylvania and Roseburg, Oregon. She started singing with his band as a kid, and the rest is history.  I think there is just a little more to be written when it comes to this special vocalist. I am playing my favorite that I have heard from her”Move Like You Stole It.” Her video with over 1,600,000 hits is “Put the Gun Down.”

ZZ Ward official website

ZZ Ward Itunes link

ZZ Ward Twitter page

ZZ Ward Facebook page

I don’t plan to make Triple Dose Tuesday a weekly thing. Maybe once a month or so, when some great artist on the bubble of being underground are stuck in my mind and I haven’t shared them yet.

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


2 responses to “Triple Dose Tuesday. Dum Dum Girls, The Silent Comedy, ZZ Ward

  1. Hey, I just wanted to drop you note that I completely and thoroughly appreciate your website. I always find music here that I can sink my teeth into.. Dum Dum girls I am going to look deeper into, the vocals and beat sound like old school 4ad records stuff with more grit. For some reason, tho I had heard of the silent comedy I have a prejudice against, i have heard them before, and knowing that they were destined for this, upsets me. I will get over it. ZZ Ward reminds me of my friend meghan. She sang like that. ZZ can play the guitar very well, of course the voice is phenomenal. She has the backing group with the groove..Looking for live performances of her on youtube..Thank again man!!

    • Your most welcome bud. I’m just grateful that I’m not the only one to get something out of the blog. When I did the triple doses it was usually on signed bands that were already getting a bit of air play. Appreciate the relationship with ya on here. Thanks again.

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