Buddy System


Today’s band of the day comes to us from  Malden, Massachusetts.  I had a great night mining, last night. I added five bands to my catalog and each band didn’t have more than five thousand views on YouTube.  I really can’t write a great deal about this group. The highest viewed video they have is like 278 (ten are from me) views, so there just isn’t much history or information available. We are all about the music, so that would just be fodder for simple minded writers like me, anyways. They have something, that caught my ear, and it is more than just power. I have heard more than a few bands catch my ear like this band did, but I am always disappointed when I hear that EMO scream.  Hearing the EMO scream in a great sounding tune is like being with a great looking girl, who, when you get all her clothes off, she ends up having a peener.  As I listened to the first song I posted “One More,” I was in power heaven. I kept waiting, and I kept waiting for it. Good Lord, I was so happy that it never came. I got nothing personal against EMO music, personally; at least I would like to think I don’t. I try to be open to all genres of music. I really, really do, but the EMO scream has been a very hard, piece of art, for me to appreciate.

This band is a tiny bit green, and I usually would put a band like this on my “to watch list.” I couldn’t resist being the first to write about and share this jacked up power, punk band. The lead vocalist is John Wright, who also plays Guitar. This self described, Dad rock band, is finished up with Alex Georgiou on bass, while Steve Fava is the drummer, and he just beats the crap out of them, beautifully.

The first video is pure, power, pop, punk song, in my opinion.  The lyrics, as with most of their songs, are what I would expect to come from some young guys who have had some lady troubles.  I offer them fair warning about the lady troubles, we never really ever do grow out of that, so you can write about that for eternity.  Ladies, I love you all, especially Cindi (Lauper).  The second video posted is “End of an Era.” It is a good solid sounding short punk song.  The third video is a great sounding tune, but at my age, I have difficulty, thinking about using my thumb like that, but seriously it is a good hard rocking tune.

One last thing, there is another band that is named “The Buddy System” from Tacoma, Washington. I had to rewrite portions of this post due to finding out. Lucky me, I would of hated to gotten them crossed up. It can happen when you mine deeper than others.  My advice to”Buddy System” would be to copyright the name, if you want to keep it.

Buddy System Facebook page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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