Blitzen Trapper


Blitzen Trapper is from Portland, Oregon. Yes, I found one from my own country.  This is a fresh find, as it is one of those Sunday mornings coming down for me. I am watching the clock, as the time ticks away, as I need to get  ready for church and go listen to one of my favorite groups, to see live and that is the church band/choir.  Now, as far as this group being new, they are almost as old as my youngest son, who has shared fourteen years with us on this old globe. Formed in 2000, this group hasn’t reached national  prominence to any large degree, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t put out some pretty dang good music. This band did have a two page article in the Rolling Stone back in 2008, so they are on the bubble when it comes to being underground. I couldn’t find a video with over a million views, so I decided to share them anyways. I figure most of the readers have not heard them and would appreciate their music, especially if they are having a Sunday morning coming down.

Is it the throbbing head on my shoulders, that led me to this group this morning, or will Blitzen Trapper still be as soothing this afternoon, when the self inflicted, cerebral damage has passed as the fog clears after a night of drizzling rain. As I draw another sip from the blackened nectar, that nourishes my very being this morning,  I have convinced myself that I will still be fond of this group even when my soul is better suited for my usual doses of power and more power.

One thing about this group, is their older material has a little more power. It still has some twang to it, but it was interesting see how their sound kind of matured into a softer more pleasant, and more fitting sound in my opinion. Kind of like most of us, as we get older, we tend to find where we belong and settle in to a place were we belong.

Eric Earley is the lead vocalist and is backed up by Erik Menteer, Brian Adrian Koch, Michael Van Pelt, and Marty Marquis who each play various instruments,  and far to many for my less than average self to list.

The first video I posted is from 2009 and is the one that caught my ear. The second video, is my favorite after sifting through more than a few. The lyric ” All my love songs fall on wasted ears” caught my ear, and I love that lyric.  This song reminded me a little of  Bob Dylan. The lyrics are top shelf (Johnny Walker Black Label),in my opinion.  Sooth whatever ails ya, and give these songs a deserved listen. Music can be the best medicine.  Although, Ibuprofen ain’t half bad either.

Blitzen Trapper Homepage

Blitzen Trapper Facebook page

Blitzen Trapper Twitter

Have a blessed day.  Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


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