JINA-03/01 Underground Band/Artist of the week + with interview


This weeks choice is Jina, a grungy, post, punk sounding band based out of France. I have known about the band “Jina” for more than two years. I feel in love with the vocals, and the unique sound of Gina’s vocals. She has a voice, which I have never been able to compare to anyone. She has one of the most powerful voices, I have ever heard from a female rock vocalist.  I find myself seeking beauty from imperfection and I think it is why I have always been drawn more to the rock/punk genre more than any other genre. One can become legend and not be blessed with “perfection.” Bon Scott of AC/DC or Ian Curtis of Joy Division would not have made the finals of any major vocalist contests. Their emotions and heart transmitted through the microphone and the listener felt it and appreciated the music as music is intended to be appreciated.

I have posted three videos so you can get a feel for what I am talking about, but through the first link provided is the band’s latest material “Call The Doctor“, which is available at that link with a couple of songs for free to sample. Open up the player and let it play, over and over. Underground, grunge, post punk rock at it’s best.  When I sort through numerous underground bands looking for that something different and potentially great, this band defines what I seek.

I was able to contact the lead singer of the band, Gina Lane, and she was kind enough to grant me an interview. I appreciate her working through the language barrier and giving us an insight into this artist.

BB Batez:  Are you a fan of Johnny Cash?

Gina Lane: not at all, i think he’s a good songwriter but i really hate his “image”

BB Batez:  Did you have gym class and did it suck or not?

Gina Lane: LOLLLL yes I hated to run.Thanks a lot, I have enough body issues without my boobs flopping all over the place.The law that says women and men are equals but when it comes to education activities… physical education is actually a miserable time for both sexes

BB Batez: What was the first album or song, you purchased with your own money?

Gina Lane: i don’t remember, i didn’t have money so i stole a lot of album in big store in my city and i used to download music for free, or i listened the radio…

BB Batez:  What is your favorite charity?

Gina Lane: i think you don’t have to prefer a charity more than an other, there’s a lot of amazing people in the world fighting in favor of the unless people.and we should be more grateful ,charities need the world respect.

BB Batez: Where did you play your first show, and estimate how many were in the audience?

Gina Lane: i played my first show in 2006 in a Cave in Lyon with my band Jina, i think, they were about 30 people.

BB Batez: Do you prefer to live in the city or the country?

Gina Lane: i think i’m a city person,i live in a little town, the same where i grew up, that sometimes feels like a self-contained mini-planet with a whole world of life happening here. i love the energy of the city, too much quiet drive me crazy, maybe this is why cities seem to appeal to the young and the country to older people who are ready for quiet. But ultimately, I think there’s a balance of city and country in all of us.Ideally, i would have it all: a delightful “pied-à-terre “in a culture-rich , vibrant city near the sea AND a cozy, country retreat with space and dark nights that show the stars.

BB Batez: Water, Beer, Wine, or Liquor?

Gina Lane: huh, its depends of the context, at a party i prefer liquor and beer than water but on the day after i think water is the only solution !

BB Batez: What is your favorite hobby besides your music?

Gina Lane: I don’t really have any hobbies besides i love fashion and cinema too, i love watching film and shopping.I love communicate with people to share my music and discovered other bands,etc

BB Batez:  What is your go to guitar model?
Gina Lane:  i m playing on a cheap Epiphone Gibson it cost me 100 euro, i found a good mic i added on,
i really love the sound but the mechanics are shit, and i”’m always out of tune on stage.
i’d like to have a gibson les paul;or a Maton.

BB Batez: Since you were such a good sport to answer these, ask me any question you want.
Gina Lane: ok. thanks for your interest, i ‘d like to know where did you discovered my band ? what you think about my lyrics, my accent, which song do you prefer, etc ?

BB Batez: Without giving any trade secrets up, I am almost certain I found your band through a connection to Blood Red Shoes, who I am a big fan of. I go to their forum every now and then to see what they are up to, and their fans like to share some finds there.

I think your accent is down right sexy and I love it and it adds to the uniqueness of your music, for me.

As for my favorite song of yours, it would have to be “Naphataline.” I love the video, and can relate to the lyrics because of my past.   I am liking “Bloody Tale” off the new album, and the lyrics also relate to some feelings I have had recently due to some big changes in my life. I think artistically, it is one of your best tracks.  I am a huge sucker for that Metallica, Nirvana slow melodic start of a song that later whips into a powerful frenzy. The song” I don’t know” makes me smile in that regard.” Power is good for the soul. Jina is good for mine.  Thank you for taking the time for the interview.

Call the Doctor

Jina Facebook page

Jina Tweeter feed

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and, remember that nothing is more important than today.


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