The Stone Foxes


This band is self described as a dirty, dirty. blues rock band. They are based out of San Francisco, California.  Judging from the videos on their Youtube page, these guys have to be one of the most fun loving group of band mates, off stage, in the industry.  I don’t remember when I first learned of them, because I don’t date my finds when I catalog them. I do know, I gave them a very high rating. They have been around since 2005, and I couldn’t find a video with more than 200, 000 views, but they have had some very good reviews on previous albums that they have put out.

I can’t really review their third album (Small Fires), cause I just can’t afford it at the moment, but the one review I viewed gave it an outstanding review.  The band consists of Shannon Koehler on Drums, Harp, and Vocals. Aaron Mort is on Bass, Guitar, and Vocals. Spence Koehler is Lead Guitar and Vocals. Elliott Peltzman is on the Rhodes, Organ, and Piano.

The first song I have posted “Everybody Knows” is a recent release from their new album. I detect a heavy Rolling Stones influence in this song. The song is catchy and the harmonica play meshes well throughout the track.  This is the song that drew me to them. I listened to other tracks, and didn’t find the Stones influence anywhere as much as this song. In the second song “Mr. Hangman” I hear a bit of the Doors, and during the third track “The Psycho,” I hear some Black Keys influence. I love all three bands, that I heard in their tracks, so maybe that explains some why I like this band.

I have listened to so many different bands over time, that there is almost always some strong influence of some sort that comes through. I think about Nirvana being influenced by The Pixies, and Led Zeppelin pretty much stealing the meat of some songs from bands like Spirit and Jake Holmes. Heck, Elvis was heavily influenced by Bing Crosby. It reminds me of my youth coaching career. The key to being a good coach was how much you could steal from other coaches. We stole from each other. I suppose when it comes to musicians, they share the same concept to a degree.  It ends up being up to the listener if they care or not.

Have a blessed day.  Fill your heart with kindness.  Remember there is nothing more important than today.


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