Wet Nuns


This group self describes itself as “an undead two-piece power-death-blues-punk band who makes middle-of-the-road dad rock songs about mainly women or death, or women and death.” That is about as an accurate description I have ever seen a band give itself. This band is based from Yorkshire, England.

Two piece bands are more prevalent than ever. I remember a friend long ago, not liking Suicidal Tendencies because he believed their wasn’t enough bass. I love Suicidal Tendencies and it was because they sounded good to me, just like Jack White sounds good to me, as this band sounds good to me. I love one man bands (Reignwolf) as well as five or 6 piece bands.  Musical taste is a lot like food. Some folks love McDonald’s, and others like myself only eat there when they are close to broke. I know some followers are not gonna care for this band and that is fine. My sharing of Wet Nuns is for those like me, who like a little power in their Ipods. There will always be variety and it is forthcoming in my shares.

The name of this band scratches my curiosity. I picture some Nuns standing in the rain, or see them getting ready to play football, as the Nuns are drinking water while their coach tells them to get wet so they won’t fall to dehydration. Nah, these guys have gotten me thinking of something else in mind and temptations of the flesh come to mind.  I have seen thousands of band names and there are so many that I wonder when the time will come, that all new bands will be named by made up words like Metallica. Mad respect to this band for coming up with a name that fits them, cause they do look like two dudes that would, well you know.  They sell it well, and I am a buyer.

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is worth more than today.

Dear Lord, please forgive me, for the thoughts I had writing this post. Amen.




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