Walking Papers


For the first time, I struggled putting a post up. I went through about ten bands, and not one of them made me feel good posting about them today. I know they all are talented, and will eventually get to posting them. As, I struggled, I thought of the writer that my son told me about, who authored 640 novels in two years, and no it wasn’t Dr. Seuss. I can’t remember his name, but that guy deserves mad respect for that. Here I am trying to do a simple blog with just a post a day, and find myself struggling to come up with anything worth the time to read.

I came across Walking Papers a few weeks ago, and after hearing some of their material, I did some digging and noticed Duff Mckagan is in the band.  For readers to young to remember the onslaught of garbage hair metal, Duff played a big part in pulling the plug on those hair metal bands from hell like Warrant.  Duff being an original member of Guns and Roses saved the dignity of the long haired, white tennis shoe, blue jean wearing, young male of the mid to late 80’s. So, owing Duff such great gratitude, I was compelled to give Walking Papers a good listen.

The band is filled out with Jeff Angell (The Missionary Position) on vocals, guitar and piano. Barret Martin (Skin Yard, Screaming Trees, Mad Season and Tuatara)is the percussionist and plays many other instruments as well. And of course, the accomplice, in the mercy killing of hair metal is on the bass.

Their sound is tight and bluesy and is very good as should be expected from such a group of seasoned musicians. This is not a band, I believe, that is trying to break new ground, but a band that has put together a collection of songs that deserves to be listened to, and appreciated.  I really like “The Whole Worlds Watching” and love how well the powerful keyboard chords mesh with the song. I can’t help but think of Deep Purple, and how well they did it back in the day. “Capital T” is a blues rock fans piece of pie.  Angel just oozes with the blues, while caressing the emotions from of his six string baby.

Their album would be a great addition  to any blues rock, collection.



Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember to be thankful for today.


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