Underground or Mainstream?


During the thought process of creating a blog centered around underground music, I would often end up mired in what the qualifications would need to be met.  Would I use the amount of views a band had acquired on their Youtube videos? Would they need to be unsigned, on their own label, or a small regional label? If they were signed to a large recording outfit, and only had a quarter-million of maximum hits on one Youtube piece, would they still be considered underground?

I will try to use common sense as I go forward with the blog. If a band has over a million hits on a Youtube video, there is a good chance they wont be crowned the Underground Band/Artist of the week. That is unless those hits were over ten or more year period, and they recently found their groove with a new approach. If a band is signed to a regional recording, than I would make them eligible unless they got well over a million hits on a Youtube video. If I were a  genius, I could probably come up with a better demarcation line for it. I am welcome to suggestions on how to determine the line. I dread the day, when a real genius comments on a weekly award with “that isn’t an underground band.”

I am posting one of my favorite bands of the past few years. When I found them, they were clearly underground. They were fairly popular in England and Western Europe, but here in the good ole USA, they were as popular as my church choir.

Cage the Elephant opened up for them when they toured across the pond before the release of the “No Rest for the Wicked” single. Blood Red Shoes was the headliner, and CTE was the opening band. It’s not on the level of Prince opening up for Deep Purple, but it is an interesting, useless piece of information nonetheless.

I was fortunate to have known about this band before they had a small venue, USA tour a few years back. I took my good buddy Larry to the show at the Grog Shop here in the Cleveland area.  Larry and I were blown away by how good they were live and Stephen showed us to be a very accomplished drummer and vocalist. I remember Mary like it was just yesterday. During one set, they were jamming and most of her hair had fallen to the front of her face, and Larry yelled to me “Cousin It.” It was a great show, but what made it even greater, was due to the fact only about thirty fans had showed up, which was magnificent for the thirty that were there. On the other hand it was a shame that such a well oiled couple wasn’t able to draw more fans into a great venue like the Grog.

I will also add that they are two very kind young people. I took the opportunity to meet them at their sale table before the show, talked a little music and a little life and a little Cash. They both told me they were Cash fans, which I believed because how could anyone not be.

Regarding if Blood Red Shoes is Underground or Mainstream. I would say they are mainstream across the pond and underground here in the States. I think that is a pretty fair assessment.

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember to be thankful for today.


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