Heroin AKA Smack, Boy, Girl


Today, I learned, another that I have known, has fallen victim to a disease for which there is no cure. It is a disease that can attack it’s victims for decades or even just months or minutes before its fatal grip reduces life to nothing but matter. Every victim starts out thinking they can control it and they lie to themselves more and more as the disease gains control over their being.  As the disease advances the victim becomes insane and grows to love the disease while disregarding everything else.  The victim becomes hopeless and fears living outside the diseased world they are imprisoned in.  There is hope in recovery for the victims, but far to many fail to find the answers to what ails them.  Their loved ones often learn of the disease after it is to late.  If they do figure it out in time, they see no rational reason to how a victim can allow themselves to lose control, and their conclusion usually results in anger and confusion over the victim they care for and the disease. Most do not even realize that it is a disease and blame the victim for it, and without the knowledge it is quite normal to think the victim is weak or just plan dumb as  heck.  There is hope through intervention and love.

#32, you will be missed by those that  cared for you, and your memory as others I have known will help drive me to educate others on the treatment needs of addicts and to educate addicts that there is a proven, effective way out of the diseased world they are currently inhabiting.  Narcotics Anonymous is not a cure, but it does hold the answers, to an effective path, to living a clean life of recovery  away from the dark paths of addiction. The only requirement to attend is that you want to quit.  Being dirty or clean has no bearing on you being welcome.

This disease has taken the lives of many artists or caused them to take their own lives. If only these artist could of been enlightened to a path of recovery.  How much more of their talents would we had to enjoy. How those that loved them must of grieved to have lost such talent from their own inner circles.  I am hurting today for those that knew #32 and Colby.  This post was with them in mind.

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness, and be thankful for today.

p.s. two more days till this weeks underground band of the week is posted.


3 responses to “Heroin AKA Smack, Boy, Girl

  1. it is awful . it is hell it doesnt help it only hurts and hurt is what brings a person to that and that or anything like it can be prescribed and many dont understand the feeling of continual pain many believe the pain is in the persons head . well i for sure know what pain is . i have it every day every night every good moment every bad. every minute of every day since srpt 8 1988 i have had pain pain that many dont even begin to know if you ever broke a bone and thought it hurts but your adreniline made it hurt less for a minute. welll try having no adrenialine left.. try having no options . i understand addiction and have been addicted to many things in my life some good some bad some prescribed some not. i can only say to people that know me that i am tired . tired of hurting tired of being alone tired of not being wanted tired of not being needed tired of not being equal tired of not fulfilling my dreams tired of not being abel to run tired of not being able to lift tired of not being able to work tired of not being loved tired of loving and not having love returned tired of being needed and not being there to help the person that needs me tired of being broke tired of being unhappy tired of being sad tired of being tired tired of being divorced tired of not having friends tired of not having anyone to understand the pain of losing your hips tired of being old tired of being good and noone realizing tired of being overlooked tired of waiting for that call that says something bad has happend tired of being me tired of being who i was and not who i am tired of being …. well if that dont explain to many or any that listen well that is another thing i am tired of . nothing can help me and noone can help me i can only help my self and i am tired of helping myself . once i was on top of the world i now sit at the bottom of the lowest staircase in the world i am just tired and if you know me you must know that i cant be tired anymore.

    • I only know one thing, and the world you are in, is not as great as the world you need to be in. The pain from injury, leaves an addict in a terrible position. I don’t know if there is a fair answer for those in your situation. I do know that with God and Christ all things are possible. If you obey him, and truly allow his will to take over your life, there is a world that is no better in the universe. Pray hard for him to enter your heart and give you the strength to follow his will. Addiction is a disease, it is not your fault. Focus on what you can control, and work on leaving those things you can’t control alone. With God, all things are possible. He promises us many blessings if we obey. I have found with him, I see many blessings around me, that before I was blind to. I will pray for you. That is the greatest gift, I could ever give.

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