My favorite color is blue. Being from Kentucky, there is just no other option. Those from there will understand what I mean.  My favorite color other than blue is black. Black is a color to me, so if some book or genius says otherwise, save it for a class or a color seminar.  This is my world and Black is a color. A beautiful, powerful and alluring color. The color of night. The color of the unknown. The color of space.  The color of Cash. The Man in Black.

I can remember sitting in my bedroom as five or six year old, and listening to records on the small, suitcase style, record player that my Maw Ma had given me for Christmas. My father was never really into music, outside of some Bluegrass, but he had gotten suckered into one of those get 10 albums for a penny deals. So, there I sat with Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard,  Grandpa Jones, Johnny Cash and The Ten Little Indians.

I can say with great confidence that it was not the best thing for a six year old kid to sit and listen to Johnny Cash sing Cocaine Blues to a large room of prisoners. I feel in love with Cash at  a very young age, and have been a big fan of all his material all the way from beginning to the end.

As I get older, I am drawn to the older, more wise version of Cash. I truly understand how believing in a higher power can transform one from the grasp of demons, and how the power can absolve one from the guilt and shame of those demons.  I know exactly how The Man in Black became the Man in White as he struggled with the pain of his past. The pain pushed him to seek his greater power, and when that power eventually came he felt peace and comfort which he never felt before, and lived with that power the rest of his life.How do I know this? I read his book, Man in White,  a long time ago.

The Man in Black and White and everything between. The path he took, I know all to well. I suppose it was destiny in a way for that six year old kid to have followed such a similar path outside of the fame involved, and I couldn’t hold a candle to his toughness.

I get Cash and Cash gets me.

Have a blessed day, fill your hearts with kindness and remember to be thankful for today.


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