Underground Music


I did a search on here for underground music and nothing came up, so now I am going to change the world by making sure if anybody does that search, there will be a blog for them to check out.

Ok, enough of that, lets make this post interesting and related to music. I am going to take you back in time, back to 1985. This blogger was in High School, and should of paid more attention in English class. Yes, spellcheck rocks, but the grammar checker here works as well as one of those 9 inch long, foot pedaled, tire pumps. You know, the one with the oval air gauge that never works. Anyways, I have almost, always been a fan of Metallica. Back in them days, the gang I hung with were metal heads. Wham sucked, Hall and Oates sucked, Madonna sucked, Micheal Jackson really sucked, and Cyndi Lauper sucked. Well, I loved Cyndi, but to have admitted that among the gang would of been like walking into church with your peener hanging out. Well, I guess it would like walking into anywhere with your peener hanging out, actually. Cyndi if you read this, hopefully my email is on here somewhere, especially if you are available and are partial to middle aged men, with thick luxurious hair, that have recently broke down and bought cheaters.  I am your man, girl, and I don’t care one bit how much older your are than me. I didn’t back then, and I don’t now.

Heavy metal was almost like a religion to us. We lived it, we breathed it, among other foreign substances and couldn’t get enough of it, which in turn led to bands like Warrant and the like. Gangs like us were like mad dogs in a meat market and the industry started to feed us Humis when the meat ran out, till Guns and Roses showed up.

Now, I will get down to what I really wanted to get to, and that is there was a time when Metallica was an underground band. I can remember the first time I saw the word “Metallica”. One of the King boys had this shirt on in school, and he came out of Mr. Amos’s class. His shirt had Metallica printed on it, with a lightning strike behind it. I stopped him in the hall and asked him ” dude who in the heck is “Metal leak ah?”. He looked at me funny and said ” I have no idea, but if you mean Metallica, they are this wicked new speed metal band from out west.”

Well, I have to tell you after that, I thought that Metallica was the lamest name I had ever heard before. One would think a metal band would have to know, that most of their prospective fans were still in school, and sucked at school and spent most of their time in English class focused on illegal substances, bras, panties and how to get money, so they could gain access to these substances and articles of attire.  They were not focused on were commas go, when to use conjunctions, when to use adjectives or how to pronounce made up words used by rock bands. So of course the first time I heard Metallica on my good buddy Joey’s boom box in his little red Chevette (not to be confused with a Corvette), I thought this is garbage. Every song sounded the same, and the singer sounded like my Dad yelling at me the time I threw a lit firecracker at my Grandfathers feet as he came out of his house. Joey, one of the gang, kept telling me this is the best stuff since Sabbath. I just didn’t hear it at the time.  Metallica was all Joey would play in his Yard Jobbing Chevette. I found myself wanting to shake my head after four or five times through Ride the Lightning. I had gotten it.

Every band or Artist that leaves an impression on the history of music was once underground. Their dreams were big and their crowds small. And I have found that is when they are the most creative. When they are playing for their next meal, or next beer. When they gain fame, they tend to fall prey to popularity and high dollar, doped up producers. Most of the material developed for their first three or four albums are written well before they were signed for that first album.  When the hunger is gone, the edge goes with it. It is human nature to a point IMO, but there is always the exception like Cyndi Lauper.  Cyndi, BB Batez loves you!!!

Have a blessed day. Fill your heart with kindness and remember to be thankful for today.


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