I am an addict. I am addicted to music, and music that hasn’t been discovered by the masses. I have an attention deficit disorder when it comes to music. I can not listen to a band over and over, so I am endlessly looking for something that I have never heard before that blows me away. Unfortunately when I find what I love, it is rare that I listen to that group or artist very long.  I have spent the past decade spending hours and hours on music sites and video sites looking for that underground, and unknown band that is somewhat unique and fresh to me and potentially the world. I have hit on so many in the past, that I gained a reputation for having a good ear among friends.

I recently went through a very difficult personal situation,  and thus caused me to do a lot of self reflection and the result of that experience, I am inclined to try new things, so this blog is a result, and hopefully I will be able to draw music fans from all across the Globe as I plan to share my finds here and plan to make a once a week, undiscovered band post. I can promise you that I will miss, because this can be like shooting in the dark, but I will also promise you great underground artists. Some will never make it, and some will, but the music will be fresh.

In the beginning.

I hear a bit of Rage Against the Machine in this band, but outside of that it rocks. They have been around since the early nineties and it is clear to me they very polished. Now the fact they have some leftist political leanings in their art, just suits me fine, but might be something that hinders their mainstream popularity. This group is loaded with funk, and ties that in very well with the Hip Hop lyrical style.

Boots is one of the most underrated rappers out there. The dude can just flat out bawl.

Magic Clap. My favorite of The Coup. If you arent shaking your head and moving while listening the Magic Clap, well you are just a Stiffy. Take a break and live a little.


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