Nahko and Medicine for the people

Thanks to the UAW, I have the day off work for Good Friday. Heck, every Friday is good, and in reality when we learn to appreciate every moment, every day is pretty good with breath. Spent the better portion of this morning mining for something new to post. When I listened to the first track from Nahko and Medicine for the people, I was feeling heavy from the flow. This artist has a flow, that raises the same emotions that Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman and others that dared touch the unknown, and were able to share that flow with words that always fall a bit short of that unmovable energetic feeling that the source of it all, seems to grow, calm and destroy.

Don’t mind my bullshit, just give these creations a listen.  Through an open ear, an open mind, maybe these tunes will find an open heart, and leave your face with a little sad grin. Some spiritual healing is in these vibrations. :).





The first video is the hook that pierced my ear lobe. The second video is  soul engaging.  The third video is……:).


” More and more the surges of everlasting nature enter into me, and I become public and human in my regards and actions.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson








Royal Blood

Royal Blood is a two piece band, that lost their guitar player to the ministry, after being possessed by the spirit of Ron Hubbard. He was last seen rowing a boat out to sea, after being arrested by the  Brighton police for drunkardly pissing on a bed of flowers by home of Denise Cobb, the mayor at that time. With the guitar man left to pursue the realm of Scientology, the band trudged on despite the impending perilous doom of performing without the electrical bliss, a six string guitar adds to Rock and Roll. Mortal men would have trudged the same path that all bands had walked before and put an ad in the local rag for a replacement. These are not mere mortals, for The Lord of Flea had descended from the Heavens and graced the mind and hand’s of Micheal Kerr. He is faring a bit better than the spaceship bound six stringer.  Ah, shucks, if I could only create as well as these two, these musings might be a bit more fit for human consumption :). (Apology to Scientology theology. )

These fellas have gotten a bit of good press on The Island, so they are not as underground as the usual around here, but underground enough that most have yet to hear their creations. They will probably be compared to Jack White, and maybe the Black Keys, since every two person band probably hears those comparisons eventually.  These jams are a monsoon to desert ears. Let the rivers flow.  A bass and a drum. That’s it and some ramped up electrical mashing.

An article minus my bullcrap is here. The author of the article is well schooled and if I didn’t enjoy mining for new music, I would just use his articles for a source.  Paul Lester is an authority on new music that originates from The Island and surrounding areas.

Royal Blood “Out of the Black-EP”  iTunes link ( four songs)





All three videos racking rock,  lest thine ears judge otherwise.

“I got love on my fingers and lust on my tongue.” (wicked) :)

This tune drives me near a trance.


“Be curious, not Judgmental”  Walt Whitman